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Xpedite Permits



About the project

Xpedite Permits operates as a website that assists transport companies and truck operators in acquiring transport permits. It provides an efficient online platform that enables clients to quickly obtain necessary permits for transporting goods across various states in the USA and Canada. The website offers a broad range of services, including permits for heavy vehicles, vehicles with special dimensions and weights, and the transportation of hazardous materials, among others. Webiste also offers consulting and support services to clients throughout the permit acquisition process. Additionally, the website provides valuable information on transport regulations, state requirements, and associated costs and fees.

Project design

The website boasts a modern and intuitive design, ensuring easy navigation. The color palette incorporates soothing shades of blue, purple, white, and gray, creating a visually appealing and calming atmosphere. Thoughtfully integrated graphic elements enhance the design without overwhelming the user. The well-structured layout guarantees accessible and straightforward navigation. Overall, website adheres to best practices for creating a modern, visually pleasing website that provides an efficient and enjoyable user experience.

Mobile version

The mobile version of the website is optimized for users accessing it from mobile devices. It offers a faster and streamlined browsing experience with a simplified interface tailored to smaller screens. Users can easily access the required information, and the site loads quickly without delays or compatibility issues. The mobile version incorporates intuitive menus and clear navigation buttons to enhance usability.

Dark version

The website offers a dark mode option on the profile page, ensuring a more pleasant and comfortable user experience. Dark mode transforms the page background into a darker tone, reducing eye fatigue and improving visibility. Text and graphic elements are displayed using contrasting colors, thereby enhancing readability and comprehension. This feature proves particularly useful for users spending extended periods on the site, as it minimizes blue light emissions that can disrupt sleep and affect mood. Overall, the dark mode option on the profile page significantly enhances the user experience, making browsing the site more efficient and enjoyable.