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About the project

Zana Home is an online store specializing in windows and doors, providing customers with an easy purchasing process for these essential home products. They offer a wide range of high-quality windows and doors tailored to individual needs and preferences. The website showcases various options, including thermal insulation, wooden, aluminum, and PVC windows, as well as exterior and interior doors. Detailed product information and representative images help customers make informed decisions. The ordering and payment process is secure and streamlined, ensuring fast and efficient delivery. Zana Home prioritizes excellent customer service and offers support throughout the purchasing journey. Visit their website to explore the quality solutions for home beautification and protection needs.

Project design

The website features a modern and dynamic design with predominantly white, orange, and blue colors. Well-curated images highlight the products, while the white background creates a fresh and bright ambiance. The vibrant orange adds energy and enthusiasm, and the light blue provides balance and stability, reinforcing the message of quality and professionalism. The design is intuitive, allowing easy navigation and quick access to product information and services.

Mobile Version

The mobile version of the website is user-friendly and optimized for seamless navigation on phones and tablets. It presents information in an organized and accessible manner, ensuring a positive user experience. The simplified graphical interface, intuitive menus, and buttons contribute to an excellent mobile browsing experience.