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Project description

The Universul Ferstrelor website specializes in the sale and installation of PVC and aluminum windows and doors. It offers customers a wide range of high-quality products and professional services. Customers can find detailed information about each product, including features, dimensions, and customizable options. Additionally, customers have the option to request a free evaluation of their windows and doors, allowing them to receive personalized recommendations tailored to their specific needs. The website aims to provide customers with an exceptional shopping experience, offering competitive prices alongside top-notch products and services.

Project design

The website features a simple and functional design, emphasizing ease of navigation. It employs a minimalist and clean color palette, with a classic placement of graphic elements and clear, easily readable text. The design enables users to quickly find the information they need and accomplish their goals efficiently. While the design may be perceived as lacking creativity, its simplicity ensures a seamless and uninterrupted browsing experience that is visually appealing.

Mobile version

The mobile version of the website focuses on optimizing content and design for smaller screens, such as smartphones and tablets. The interface is intuitive and user-friendly, with adapted buttons and menus suitable for touch screens. The design maintains a minimalist and organized look, with well-structured content that is easily readable on smaller screens. Navigation is simplified, prioritizing fast page loading and delivering a pleasant user experience.