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About the project

The TEHNO MS website serves as an online platform specializing in the sale of agricultural machinery and accessories required for animal husbandry and plant cultivation. The company strives to cater to the needs of passionate farmers and homesteaders by offering necessary equipment at competitive prices. Their online store provides a wide range of products, allowing users to conveniently make purchases directly from the site with prompt nationwide delivery. TEHNO MS aims to deliver quality products at affordable prices while simplifying the purchasing process for their customers.

Project design

The website has a modern and attractive design with a color palette dominated by white, orange, and blue. The colors create a serious yet user-friendly appearance. The homepage features clear images of categories and products, presented in an organized manner for easy navigation.

Mobile version

The mobile version is optimized for a pleasant and user-friendly experience on mobile devices. The interface is simple and intuitive, allowing quick access to product information and easy purchasing. Images and content load quickly, and touch-friendly buttons and links enhance usability. The mobile version ensures a seamless and accessible browsing experience.