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About the project

Sendergo is a useful platform for both passengers and transport companies. Passengers can easily search for the right route, while transport companies can easily find new passengers. Through this web project, users can search for transport based on location and destination, choose their preferred type of transport, and view detailed information about the services offered by transport companies. The platform also offers filtering and sorting options, so users can easily find the right option for them. With the help of this project, the process of searching and booking transport becomes much easier and more efficient for all users.

Project design

The website has a modern and attractive design, with predominant colors of white and blue, which give a fresh and clean feeling. On the homepage, users are greeted by a prominent promotional banner, which encourages them to explore the site further. In the available transport section, users can quickly find useful information about available routes and transport options. The site’s design is simple and intuitive, facilitating navigation and searching for information of interest to users.

Mobile version

In the mobile version of the website, users can enjoy an easy and intuitive browsing experience, with a simple and efficient design. The predominant colors of white and blue remain constant in this format, and the banner retains its promotional attractiveness, while the section for available transport is easy to find and access.