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About the project

LABORATORUL CENTRAL FITOSANITAR is an interactive website that provides information about the institution’s activities, services offered, regulations in force, as well as news from the field. The website is structured into several sections that allow visitors to access specific information based on their needs. Additionally, the site features an internal search system that facilitates quick and easy access to the information being searched for.

Project design

The website features a modern and minimalist design, which emphasizes clear and easily accessible information. The color palette used, white and green, gives a sense of simplicity and nature. The homepage displays the latest news and important information about the Public Institution. The design of the website is attractive, functional, and easy to use. With a pleasant color scheme, well-organized structure, coherent content, and interactivity, the site offers a pleasant and efficient navigation experience for users, providing essential information.

Mobile Version

The mobile version of the website features a simple and clear structure, optimized for use on mobile devices. The navigation menu and contact icons are located at the top of the page. The homepage presents the latest information and offers quick links to useful information, as well as contact options. The mobile design is simple, with a white background and a focus on using representative images and clear, easy-to-read text. The mobile version of the website offers a fast and easy navigation experience on mobile devices, regardless of screen size.