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about the project

The “LABORATORUL CENTRAL DE TESTARE” website provides detailed information about the institution’s history, mission, compliance with regulations, areas of expertise, and services offered. It serves as a platform to showcase activities related to testing and evaluating the safety and quality of food products, raw materials, and alcoholic beverages. The website also offers methodological assistance and develops technical and regulatory documents. Additionally, it highlights the institution’s development strategy, including equipment modernization and human resource development through training and experience exchange with other institutions.

Project design

In terms of design, the website has a fresh and modern look with primary colors of white, beige, and red. The chosen images are relevant and enhance the user’s visual experience. The website uses a variety of images and graphics to aid navigation. It also features a well-designed thumbnail that provides an overview of the available content, generating curiosity among users.

Mobile version

The mobile version of the website features a simple and efficient design, optimized for small screens. It maintains visual consistency with white, beige, and red colors, ensuring a seamless user experience. Images are optimized for quick loading, and navigation is intuitive, making it easy to access desired content. The appealing thumbnail provides a quick overview of the website, enhancing the mobile browsing experience.