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About the project

KARACA platform offers a unique online shopping experience for household products, providing a wide range of elegant ornaments and high-quality items. Customers can easily navigate the Karaca.md website, explore different product categories, and find options to suit their preferences and budget. The platform also has a section for special offers, allowing customers to take advantage of attractive discounts. 

Project design

The website showcases a modern and elegant design, predominantly using green and white colors. The interface is user-friendly, offering intuitive navigation through different product categories. High-quality product images enhance the visual experience and provide clear representations of Karaca’s offerings. The site is well-organized, presenting information in a concise and accessible manner.

Mobile version

The mobile version of the website is optimized to deliver a seamless and enjoyable browsing experience on mobile devices. It features a responsive design and a simple interface, ensuring quick loading times and perfect adaptation to smaller screens. The navigation menu is straightforward and intuitive, enabling users to easily access relevant products and information. Product images are displayed attractively and optimized for viewing on mobile screens, providing users with a convenient and comfortable mobile browsing experience.