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About the project

IARMARECO is an online marketplace for local producers and social entrepreneurship in Moldova. The website facilitates the sale of local products and services through a multi-vendor platform. Visitors can explore various categories of products, including food, drinks, clothing, cosmetics, and more. Local producers can register for free and open their own online store to sell products nationwide. The platform supports producers in the online selling process, providing assistance and guidance. iarmareco.md promotes local businesses, events, and offers easy search options for products by category, price, and location.

Project design

The website has a simple and intuitive design, allowing easy navigation through categories and products. The color palette consists of green and white, conveying a fresh and eco-friendly atmosphere. High-quality product images aid user selection. The intelligent search function helps users find products quickly.

Versiunea mobilă

The mobile version offers a seamless browsing experience. The interface is simple and intuitive, providing easy access to local products and services. The responsive design adapts to mobile screens, ensuring clear content visibility. The search and filtering functions are user-friendly, facilitating efficient product discovery.