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About the project

GDG offers a wide range of auto parts and services for various vehicle brands and models, including trucks and minibuses. The company specializes in propshaft repair, injector repair, technical maintenance, and steering box repair. GDG prioritizes quality, utilizing superior parts and advanced repair techniques. Their team of experienced specialists is dedicated to delivering high-quality solutions for customers’ needs.

Project design

The website features a modern and clean design with a prominent blue color scheme. Attention-grabbing images on the homepage provide an overview of the offered services and products. The well-structured design ensures easy navigation and a pleasant browsing experience. Key elements such as the navigation menu, product/service categories, and contact information are prominently displayed.

Mobile version

The mobile version of the website is optimized for mobile devices, offering a comfortable and accessible experience. Visual elements and images are resized to fit the screen without compromising quality or clarity. The mobile version provides an efficient and high-quality experience on par with the desktop version.