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About the project

FOIȘOR is an online presentation of the menu of culinary specialties offered by the respective restaurant. The website provides detailed information about various dishes, such as pancakes, soups, salads, desserts, and beverages, with options to order online or make a reservation at the restaurant. Through the website, customers can explore the menu, check prices, and choose their preferred options before visiting the restaurant. The website can also provide useful information about the location, operating hours, and special offers. Through the website, customers can interact with the restaurant and be informed about the latest menus and special deals.

Project design

The project’s design is characterized by a delightful color palette, with the main colors being white, orange, and vermilion red (also known as red-orange). These colors are strategically used to attract visitors’ attention and create a pleasant and warm atmosphere, typical of a restaurant-cafe. The white tones give a clean and fresh look, while the orange and vermilion red shades add energy and warmth to the design. This color combination brings a balance between modern and traditional, with an attractive and appetizing look that fits perfectly with the restaurant-cafe’s specific and diversified culinary offer.


Mobile version

The mobile version of the website is presented as a compact and adaptable version, designed to be easily accessed and navigated on mobile devices. The interface of the website is optimized for small screens and uses a simple and intuitive design, with large buttons and representative icons to facilitate access to information and the main menu. The mobile site is designed to offer the same information and functionality as the desktop version, so that users can access the menu, make reservations, and order dishes quickly and efficiently.